Magnesium.... it is such a power house mineral. I mean if you knew all the things this little mineral has to do in your body. From building serotonin and energy to helping you detox out nasty excess hormones and improve sleep, you would love it too!

It is one of the simplest things you can do to help so many areas of you life but there are a few of things you need to know so you can make the best choice of magnesium for you.

1 - powder is ALWAYS better. If you can take it, do! It releases faster to the body, absorbed better and generally the powders are the better form of magnesium.

2 - if the label says "magnesium heavy" or "magnesium oxide" throw it away! That form of magnesium is a great laxative and not much else. While yes, we need to poo every day, we do not need diarrhea 😄

3 - if you want to take it at night to help your sleep/night sweats then get a formula specific for night (they will promote this on the package). There as some great added ingredients in the standard formula (like Taurine) that increase energy production and we don't need that at night. The night specific formulas take this out.

4 - the sea is high in magnesium. Have you ever wondered why you feel more relaxed when you visit the ocean or go for a swim in the sea.. This is why! crazy huh.. so If you are able to, get to you local beach 🏊‍♀️

5 - If your tummy can't handle it then apply it topically! It soaks through the skin quite well. You can mix it will relaxing essential oils and apply it at night to help you sleep (watch the lavender as it impacts oestrogen).

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