I am sure you have seen it everywhere!
It has burst onto the health sphere with gusto and rightly so! It deserves all the accolades it is getting.

Collagen has been around for eons. Our ancestors used it to make the very first jelly back in the 1600's. More recently clinical trials have been conducted to demonstrate that the bone broth your grandparents made is 100% really and truly good for you.

Now-days many of us would love to spend all day cooking and tending to the most amazing master bone broth stock, but I'm sorry I just don't have that time... It is because of this time poor life, combine with the new research that so many options have come to market. It has led to the development of some amazing supplements all containing collagen.

So there are some key areas you should know.

1 - yes it is amazing and yes it works..
2 - there are quite a few different forms and sources of collagen and this does impact what affect and benefit it has on your body
3 - you can get some vegetarian sources if you prefer but not all.

So, when would I recommend Collagen to someone?

Beauty, skin and nails

Well if its the beauty aspect of collagen you are interested in then you need to look for Verisol®
(the ® means they are a registered mixture of collagen that has been clinically trialed)

Verisol® has had a substantial amount of clinical trials conducted on it's support of collagen in skin. It works by supporting the deeper dermal layer of the skin where your topical cream can't reach. So it is a great one to add to your diet to support your skin care regime. It will bring the bounce and elasticity back to your skin while decreasing the depth of wrinkles and helping to repair scar tissue.

Bone density and repair

Osteoporosis - so many people are developing this condition. It's one of the reasons I hate long term use of stomach acid inhibitors like Nexium as the cause osteoporosis and they seem to be prescribed like candy! but that is a conversation for another day...

Building bones is like baking a cake. If all you have is flour (calcium) and water (vitamin D) it's going to be a crappy cake... Your bones need so much more. Copper, manganese, boron, vitamin k, magnesium, silica and the frame work to stick this all too... collagen...

With osteoporosis you have a problem with 2 little men
osteoblasts and osteoclasts.
Osteoblasts rebuild and replace bone
Osteoclasts remove and destroy old bone.
If you osteoclast are working faster than your osteoblasts then you are taking away bone faster than you can build it. Then add into the mix the osteoblasts don't have all the ingredients they need to make good quality healthy bone.... now we have a problem.

So for many of my osteoporosis and menopause patients I recommend and few things, and one of them is a specific collagen called Fortibone®. Remember that ® means it's a specific mix of collagen peptides that have been clinically trialed to actually work. That's what we want.

FORTIBONE® has been shown to stimulate bone cells to increase the synthesis of collagen. They have a kind of ‘signaling effect’ on osteoblasts to help them maintain the density in the bone, which is the essential framework for bone mineralization (calcium and other minerals). In addition FORTIBONE® slows osteoclast activity resulting in a considerably higher levels of collagen in the bone matrix.

This isn't a fast process. The clinical trials are over a 12-18 month period, but the evidence is there.

Joint and connective tissue health

How many of you have though about using collagen for your arthritis? There are so many things out there it can get confusing, overwhelming and expensive. All in the aim of pain relief..

Well collagen isn't necessarily the 1st thing I would recommend in arthritis but it definitely has it's place. However, if you have had arthroscopy and cartilage repair it would be my 100% go to. It makes a substantial impact on the thickness of the remaining cartilage, improving range of movement and even regrowing lost cartilage. Big Win!

The combination with the most clinical trials is Fortigel®. After only 3 weeks of oral administration of the product a statistically significant improvement in pain, stiffness and physical function was observed. Moreover, this positive effect of Fortigel® persisted and was even more pronounced after 6 and 12 weeks of treatment.

So when you are looking at collagen TYPE DOES MATTER.
If you are going to spend the money on your health, make it worth every dollar.

If you want collagen for your wrinkles, your bones or your joints, there are specific ones that are proven to help. It can be taken hot or cold. Mixed in with your favourite smoothie in the morning or stirred through a hot cut of mushroom tea (yep that's a thing too). You decide, but collagen isn't a fad. It is here to stay and it has all the science to back up why there is so much hype about it.

Are you interested in collage and other natural options to support your menopause journey? For advice that is tailored to your needs, book an appointment by clicking this link.

Big love

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