Hi I'm Rebecca,

alt A Naturopath, mother, and wife.
Qualified with an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy in 2005, I have been involved in many areas of the health industry. From running a busy health food store in Subiaco to managing a multi-modality clinic.

What I love

I love teaching and educating my patients. I want you to understand what is happening in your body and why. Empowering you to manage your health better and better. I find it deeply rewarding when patients have those "ah-ha" moments.
While I treat a wide range of conditions, my real passion is helping women, not just survive, but flourish though the many transition in their lives. Help them realise it's not all in their head! and there is real help out there. They don't have to put up with it. My real zone of genius is that area of hormones that cause anxious, depressed, stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted individuals. There is help and your life can be better than you thought possible.
I also love chocolate, tea, books, roses and great conversation. All things that are good for the body and the soul.

How I work as a Naturopath.

  1. Find the cause. I want to get to the bottom, the reason you are unwell. I want to hear your story and work this all out.
  2. Patients are individuals. There is no-one else on this planet like you or with your mix of symptoms, life challenges and story. I work with you, not make a square peg fit a round hole.
  3. Education is key. I hated "because I said so". I want to help my clients understand how their body works and how they got here, so they never have to be in this position again.
  4. I want all your test results. If you have had any testing conducted in the last 6 months I want to see it. Blood tests, ultrasound results, x-rays, ct scans. If its about your health, I want to see it.
  5. If you are on any medication or supplement; either prescription or self prescribed, bring it with you to your consultation. I find it can be too much to remember for some. So just bring it with you.

What Makes a Naturopath Different

Naturopathic medicine strives to restore your body back to health.
How did this happen? why did it happen? why is it still happpening? How can we help you recover and be in a better place of health? We ask a lot of questions. This is to get right to the very bottom of your personal journey. Only then can we help you rebuild a healthy future.